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Hi, I’m Alan, I was introduced to the game by my father at the age of 10 and instantly fell in love with it. As a teacher of 35 years experience I have worked with young people across the East and West Midlands and have a knack for clearly explaining the key points and encouraging students to progress. I qualified as a snooker coach I want to share with you my love of the game and the enjoyment that comes from improvevent in your potting skills, cue ball control and understanding of the tactical aspects of the game. 

A personally designed lesson program


 Want to pot more balls? Learn better positional play? Play a better tactical game? Lessons and practice sessions are always tailored to the individual. I firmly believe in taking the abilities of the student already possesses and refining and improving. Working together we will develop your skills and appreciation of the game through carefully prepared program of exercises designed  to improve your fundamentals and build towards more success in your snooker. The better you play, the more you will enjoy this wonderful game.

Technology in sports coaching


Ever taken the lesson and then gone away and forgotten the key points? I use video analysis and a video library to help you understand the key points of the lesson and to memorise the practice routines we have discussed.   Students remember 90% of what they ‘see and do’. A major advantage of using video is that it will help you to visualise and then ’groove’ any technical changes you make; it simply gives you a better understanding of ball striking. I also use the latest teaching aids to help you to ’feel’ and ‘see’ the contact points and the changes required.


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While I encourage you to comment directly on my blog posts, you can also contact me directly. I love to hear about the challenges that other people are setting for themselves. Send me a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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